"Manos" is a contemporary company engaged mainly in the trade of church material and artificial flowers. This company continues the creative and expanding business of "Smyrnioudis Bros" which was established in 1960, supported by our numerous clientele, through which we have gained an excellent fame and reputation in the market. Through our shop, which is located in a newly constructed building which we own, in 8 Naupliou Str. in Ag. Dimitrios, Athens, we realize high volumes of whole and retail sales of our products, for the variety of which you can be informed in our web site.

Apart from the above, our runs successfully for many years now a small scale industry, named "Jerusalem Manos" engaged in the production of church material such as, charcoals, frankincense, paraffin wicks for oil candles and many other products also shown in our web site.

Targeting to the further of our business, by offering the range of our products which are of good quality and reasonable prices to our clients both locally and abroad, we start whole and retail sales all over the world. Quantities can vary from 100 gr. of frankincense to as many kilos as you wish, from one bobbin of charcoals to as many packets as you wish, from one candlestick to whole material suitable for a church like gilded and silver plated products, table or suspended candles, icons, icon stands etc.

It will be our pleasure in helping you realize a vow to a church, in order that you are satisfied from your decision. In case you are interested for a product we do not have, we can inform you where you can buy it in excellent quality at the lowest price.

In case you produce hand-made religious goods, we inform you that we are interested in buying them with your invoice and if you don't provide such, with our invoice, under the condition that your products meet our clientele's requirements.

We can deliver your order in any place of the world, where DHL courier company or post office services can reach.

Having the strong point of the excellent quality of our products, our reasonable prices, the excellent service of our clients through which we have gained our fame and the growth of our business, we are sure we can satisfy any order you place with us. We kindly request you to give our website's address to your friends too. Your orders can be placed by e-mail, fax, or telephone.

With the certainty that you will find the content of this document of interest to you,

I thank you,
Emmanuel Smyrnioudis.